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Every company joining B24Online can choose from a wide variety of ready-made, mobile-friendly templates to build and operate its own image and sales websites. Companies immediately can start operating in their business environments. All information from the portal is immediately synchronized to your personal site.

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Products and Services

A virtual shopping center for buying and selling. Users have simultaneous access to both B2B and B2C platforms. The shopping center provides a variety of sales promotion tools, offering coupons, sales offers and discounts.

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Leads Gathering

No more working with external systems and wasting money on temporary landing pages. Every contact module in the website or platform (company’s card) or on any page will be sent to you automatically, including name, phone numbers and e-mails, along with a brief option for text. The management panel makes it easy to receive relevant data on the potential client and the services and products he would like.

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Live Chat

The live chat messenger system allows communications within the portal and with a company’s external website. Clients can choose the division, department or employee to contact by IM. Chat history is saved for future reference and documents and photos can be uploaded securely. The app serves as a tool for simultaneous discussions, marketing and support. Groups can be created to bring together employees, or employees and clients.

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